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Walden Woods Project





Founded in 1990 by recording artist Don Henley, the Walden Woods Project is dedicated to preserving the 2,680-acre landscape in Lincoln-Concord, Massachusetts, that inspired American author, philosopher and naturalist Henry David Thoreau Henry David Thoreau. The Project achieves its mission through the integration of five important core activities: conservation, scholarship, education, program activities and advocacy.

Walden Woods Project Accomplishments

The Walden Woods Project currently manages nearly 160 acres of land and provides innovative programs built on the philosophy of Henry David Thoreau and grounded in the land and historic resources of Walden Woods and Thoreau Country. They offer programs that foster environmental literacy and social responsibility among students, educators and lifelong learners in the United States and around the world.

The Thoreau Institute opened in 1998. Located in the heart of Walden Woods, the Institute is the headquarters of the project, and has a library and center for education and research. Along with preserving the natural landscape, the Walden Woods Project is also committed to maintaining and preserving the rich collections of literature and media housed in the archives of the Thoreau Institute Library. These collections serve as a vital resource for scholars, educators, students and life-long learners, to advance their understanding of the literature and legacy of Henry David Thoreau.

Once considered a marginalized landscape used primarily for growing fuel-wood and lumber, 80 percent of Walden Woods is now permanently protected for future generations to enjoy, through the efforts of the Walden Woods Project, local, state, and federal agencies, and other non-profit conservation organizations.

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Walden Woods Project Overview:

How You Can Help

To support the Walden Woods Project and become a member, click here.

To learn about volunteering opportunities at the Thoreau Institute Library, click here.

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