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St. Louis Zoo





Established in 1910, the St. Louis Zoo is dedicated to conserving animals and their habitats through animal management, research, recreation, and educational programs that encourage the support and enrich the experience of the public.

The Saint Louis Zoo is a world leader in saving endangered species and their habitats. Many of the animals that live at the Zoo are threatened in the wild by shrinking habitats, disease and poaching. The need for conservation is greater than ever, with one vertebrate species disappearing from the Earth every day. Ultimately, there needs to be more action taken to save the ecosystems on which animals and humans depend.

St Louis Zoo WildCare Institute Projects

The Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute, with the support of its Conservation Fellows, takes a holistic approach to troubled ecosystems by addressing three key ingredients in conservation success: wildlife management and recovery, conservation science, and support of the human populations that coexist with wildlife.

The WildCare Institute has created and implemented 12 centers dedicated to the conservation and preservation of a diverse range of animals and habitats around the world.  Some of the center's projects include:

The Center for Cheetah Conservation in Africa, which surveys the health and numbers of wild cheetahs, and is working to reduce conflicts with livestock by teaching ranchers how to co-exist with cheetahs and other predators.

The Center for Conservation of the Humboldt Penguin in Punta San Juan, Peru, which protects Humboldt penguins by establishing a breeding reserve for them, supporting improvements in the Peruvian fisheries industry, and raising awareness of marine conservation issues.

The Saharan Wildlife Recovery Center, which helps survey the numbers of critically endangered addax, and is working to establish a reserve for these and other near-extinct desert antelope.

Read more about the St. Louis Zoo's WildCare Institute Centers.

St Louis Zoo Videos

Amur Tiger Cubs play at St. Louis Zoo:

Giraffe gives birth at St Louis Zoo:

How You Can Help

Support the St Louis Zoo by becoming a member of the Zoo Friends Association.

To make a contribution to the St. Louis Zoo, click here.

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