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Polar Bears International





Founded in 1992 by wildlife photographer Dan Guravich, Polar Bears International works globally to conserve polar bears through education and research, promoting teamwork and creating awareness. Highly effective and efficient, the organization ensures that more than 90 percent of all donations go directly to programs to support polar bears.

Polar Bears International Accomplishments

Funding for San Francisco Zoo: Polar Bears International funded research of amino acids to see if a lack of a key amino acid could cause bone disease in captive polar bear cubs.  The San Francisco Zoo and LeBonheur Children's Medical Center teamed up to do the research together; they have been expanding their understanding of polar bear diets, and how to increase nutrient intake. They were successful in their research, and their studies will help zoos further understand the importance of taurine in zoo carnivore diets to ensure long-term health and survival of these bears.

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Adventure Learning Program:

Polar Bears International focuses most of its effort on education. One of its innovative projects, Adventure Learning Program, allows students from four countries to travel every fall to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.  There they can explore a range of issues relating to polar bears, humans, the environment-and how they intertwine.

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