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Jakarta Animal Aid Network





Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) believes that no wild animal should have to live in captivity, and works to help stop the illegal wildlife trade in Indonesia. JAAN fully supports Indonesia's commitment to enforcing National Law No. 5 (1990) that prohibits the trade in protected wildlife and encourages Indonesia to enact laws that would protect all wild animals.

JAAN Projects

Domestic Animals:
JAAN is committed to protecting the welfare of domestic animals in Jakarta through collaboration with local animal shelters and through education campaigns regarding sterilization, humane treatment of domestic animals and how to become a responsible pet owner. Learn more about how JAAN protects the welfare of domestic animals in Jakarta.

Brahminy Kite:
JAAN's Brahminy Kite Rescue and Re-introduction Project is dedicated to preserving this symbol of Jakarta, whose population has been dwindling due to the illegal pet trade. The project aims to better monitor and enforce laws relating to the Brahminy Kite, raise awareness, and rescue and rehabilitate the birds.

Caddy Horses:
Horse-drawn carriages, which were traditionally used for transportation in Jakarta, are now a tourist attraction that provides livelihoods to many Jakarta residents called "Andong Betawi,," the horse people of Batawi. JAAN helps to train carriage drivers to learn how to properly care for their horses, and is also building a sanctuary for older horses so they can get the care they need.

JAAN built a sanctuary on an island within the Thousand Islands Region in order to preserve two specific threatened macaque species. These monkeys are threatened by the macaque pet trade, and JAAN's sanctuary has helped to protect the species as a whole as well as socialize individuals.

Aid for People:
JAAN participates in several community initiatives in order to work towards nature conservation and increase the general welfare of people and animals in Jakarta. Visit JAAN's website to learn more about these programs.

Read the JAAN blog and learn more about this organization's activities.

Help Support JAAN

Donate today and become a member.

Sponsor an animal by helping to pay for their food and medicine.

You can donate supplies to JAAN to help meet the needs of domestic and wild animals.

Become a Foster Care Family.

Adopt a dog from JAAN.

Become a volunteer with JAAN, contributing your talents in the office, through education and outreach or at specific events.

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