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EcoZone Massachusetts





The EcoZone is part of the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell, Massachusetts, and is a multi-dimensional, interactive exhibit area that features live animals and focuses on the ecosystems of southeastern Massachusetts. Exhibits feature re-creations of specific natural habitats including wetlands, woodlands, and meadows, providing viewers with an up-close experience in just how these ecosystems function, and how the animals interact in their native habitats.

EcoZone Information:

The EcoZone was created with the help of Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin. Growing up in Norwell, Corwin frequented the Science Center both as a summer camper and volunteer, and was always interested and fascinated with animals and their environments both locally and globally. In 1999, he shared his idea and vision with the South Shore Natural Science Center. He wanted kids to know about the animals of the local area and their habitats.

Features of the woodland area include a life-sized model of a red maple tree whose branches extend over the turtle and frog ponds. Tree roots allow the wood turtles and spotted turtles to climb up to an area at the base of the red maple tree. A hollow log, large enough for both children and adults to crawl through, divides the turtle and frog ponds.

Other exhibits include the "Night Time" exhibit, which offers a misty evening scene with twinkling starlight and an animated video about nocturnal animals called "While You Sleep, We Fly and Creep." Three woodland trees draw the attention of visitors (white pine, tupelo and silver beech) with special surprises inside the tree knots, including growth rings, a squirrel's nest and little animals who make the trees their home.

How You Can Help

To support the Ecozone, contact Executive Director Martha Twigg at (781) 659-2559 to find out how you can help.

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