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Bat Conservation International





Bat Conservation International (BCI), based in Austin, Texas, is devoted to conservation, education and research initiatives involving bats and the ecosystems they serve through both pollination and the consumption of millions of insects.

BCI Projects

White Nose Syndrome:
This program is dedicated to funding research and programs aimed at solving a crisis among bats on the East Coast of the United States. White Nose Syndrome, named after a fungus that attacks bats mostly on their faces, was found in a New York cave in 2006 and has spread throughout the eastern seaboard and into parts of Canada.

Cave Conservation:
Preserving habitat is an essential component of any conservation program. BCI provides, among other things, cave assessments and management plans. The organization also trains biologists and cavers in assessment and protection techniques.

Learn about Bat Preservation

To learn about bats' behaviors, habitats and more visit BCI's website.

Videos and photos of the White Nose Syndrome program.

Watch video footage of cave conservation.

How You Can Help

Learn about how you can help BCI's White Nose Syndrome program.

Get information about installing a bat house in your backyard.

Volunteer for BCI

Make a donation, become a member or adopt a bat.

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