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May 24, 2018  |  Login
Why ecomii?

Or how we came to call the leading green living website this strange name.

You might be wondering about the name ecomii™.  How we came up with it.  How you say it.  What it means.  Look no further to satisfy your curiosity.

First, ecomii is pronounced "ee-KOH-me."  We thought that bounced pleasantly off the tongue.  We also liked the emphasis on "me," or as we spell it, "mii."  The reason is we want everyone who uses our site to think in terms of "my impact" and "my influence."  Because we believe your day-to-day actions – and those of every other ordinary individual – really do have the power to change the world.  That’s our philosophy .  It’s also the reason we started this site.  

Second, let's address the spelling.  It’s ecomii.  Not eco-mii, ecomi, eco-mi, ekomii, eko-mii, ekomi, eko-mi, ecomy, eco-my, ecome, eco-me, ecomee, eco-mee, ekome, eko-me, ekomee, eko-mee, ecome or ecomi.  We know we’re taking a risk with a name that could have so many potential misspellings.  But like most risks we take in life, we thought it was worth it.      

And finally, what does ecomii mean?  It means going green, on an individual basis, at an individual pace.  It means finding your own motivations and creating your own goals, ones that are achievable and suitable for you…and not anyone else.  To us, going green is about rethinking how and what you consume, making small changes to your lifestyle and being in touch with the natural elements around you.  Join us in creating a sustainable future one small change at a time.

Add some “eco” to your life today.  Browse our easy-to-digest ecomii Tips , join ecomii Action , our social network, or dive into an in-depth topic center that interests you, from Simple Living to Baby Green to Smart Food .