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Soy Isoflavones
By James F. Balch, M.D. and Mark Stengler, N.D.
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Description: Phytoestrogen compounds that are extracted from soy, such as daidzein, genistein, and glycitein, are known as soy isoflavones. They are commonly used to reduce menopausal, PMS, and other female hormone-related conditions. They have been shown to help improve bone density, protect against bone loss, and reduce cholesterol levels. Interestingly, men with prostate problems are also helped.


  • High cholesterol
  • Menopause
  • PMS
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Vaginitis

Precautions: Women with a history of breast or uterine cancer should avoid isolated soy isoflavone supplementation until further research shows benefit.

Dosage: Take 100 to 300 mg daily.

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