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Responsible Lawn Watering

Don’t over-water your lawn.  Have a beautiful, green lawn with less waste.

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Americans turn on the sprinkler too much, with 50% of water going to waste due to evaporation, wind, and over-watering. Once a strong, healthy lawn is established, it should need minimal to no watering. Changing color - and even slight browning - are part of grasses’ natural cycles, and a good rain will bring it right back to life. But if you want to give Mother Nature a little boost, we have a few helpful hints to save water - and have a beautiful lawn.

The right stuff: Half the battle is ensuring that your lawn is planted with the appropriate kind of grass for your climate. Do some research to figure out what variety you should plant. With the right selection in the right climate, your grass can go naturally for extended periods of time without any watering at all.

Water deeper, water less: Try to get all of your weekly watering done at one time, rather than in several lighter sessions. Most lawns need about 1 inch of water per week. Use some kind of container to catch water from your sprinkler so you can measure the depth and monitor how much water you’re using. Stay mindful of the weather and adjust your watering to account for rain.

Timing is everything: Let your lawn tell you when it’s time to water. You can use an electronic soil tester to measure moisture, or you can dig a small hole and feel with your finger. If you’d like to prevent browning, when the color starts to dull and footsteps remain visible for a few seconds, it’s time to water. Be sure also to water when it is cool (early in the morning is best) to minimize evaporation.


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