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Use Organic Linens

Keep dangerous chemicals out of the environment and your home by purchasing all-natural, organic linens

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Buying organic linens is an easy way to help build a more sustainable world and protect your health at home. Linens made of organic materials are chemical-free and colored with earth-conscious dyes.

To be considered organic, the manufacturing process must be all-natural, which means that no insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers are used on the materials. Organic farming keeps harmful chemicals used in conventional farming out of soil and water systems and also out of our homes. You won’t have to worry about any pesticide or chemical remnants lingering on your sheets while you sleep!

Considering how much time we spend in bed over the course of a lifetime, investing in organic linens is definitely worthwhile. Children especially benefit from organic bedding since their skin is so sensitive. Starting your child off with organic bedding can help reduce allergies and sensitivities to chemicals that could otherwise develop. These days, you can choose from several different materials (cotton, hemp, silk, etc.) and many different colors and designs. While you can always find organic sheets through smaller boutique distributors, many large retailers (like Macy’s, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond) have picked up on the organic movement, and offer organic bedding at competitive prices.

Just be wary of the label when you’re choosing your linens— a “natural” or “green” label may only mean that the linens were not treated with formaldehyde or chlorine. For all-natural, chemical-free fabric, look for an “organic” label.


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  • Buy organic bedding from a local retailer or an online vendor, such as Amazon
  • Bedding is only the first step in picking out organic linens, next try to find organic bath linens and table linens!


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