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Use a Shared Car Service

Save money and the environment by using a shared car service instead of buying or renting a car.

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If you live in a city and are thinking about buying a car, consider the benefits of easy-to-use shared car services instead. Instead of dealing with gas, parking and insurance you can use a convenient, self-service, shared car service to meet all of your transportation needs. Doing so will save you money and reduce the environmental impact of your transportation.

A shared car service, like Zipcar, allows you to have access to a car whenever you need it simply by calling or going online and reserving one. Cars are parked in pre-arranged spaces often blocks from where you live or work. In a shared car service, you get to use a car for the time you need and when you’re done with your trip, you return it right back to where you picked it up. You can choose from many different makes and models according to your personal preference. Shared car services save you the money you would spend on owning a car and the hassle you would go through by renting one.

Because these services provide such an easy way to drive when you need to, many people are now choosing not to buy a car of their own. Zipcars and other shared car services are now available in most cities and even at a number of colleges, making them the perfect choice for students and young people with limited driving needs. Think about whether you really need to own a car—it may be surprising, but a lot of us don’t.


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  • Want to learn more? Click here to read about shared car services and other ways to drive greener on ecomii.
  • Get more information about specific shared car services! Start with Zipcar where you can find out rates, locations and all the details you need to start saving money and the environment!


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