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Plant an Urban Garden

Grow your own container garden - even in the urban jungle.

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Don't have a big backyard for your garden? No worries. Container gardening is a great way to grow plants in and around your home or apartment. Balconies and patios are perfect places for your pots of peppers and other veggies. No outdoor space at all? Place containers inside on a sunny windowsill. Prefer low maintenance? Grow a cactus!

Container gardening allows doting gardeners to pay close attention to each individual plant, and arrange them according to their sunlight needs. Planting certain plants together in the same container can encourage your own mini-ecosystems. For instance, oregano repels insects that bother broccoli, and it can also enhance the flavor of your home-grown beans.

Container gardening allows even the urban apartment dweller to go and grow green. It feels pretty satisfying to serve a salad grown on your very own balcony.


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