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Try Alternatives to Disposable Diapers

Save your landfill from millions of tons of waste by using cloth or flushable diapers

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For the past few decades, disposable diapers have become the diaper choice for just about every parent. But don’t ditch your grandma’s old cloth diapers yet! Disposable diapers are a huge contributor to landfills, producing almost 3.5 million tons of waste each year.

Cloth and flushable diapers are an eco-friendly option for your baby’s diaper needs. Although laundering cloth diapers can be expensive and produce an environmental impact comparable to that of disposable diapers, cloth is better for a baby’s bottom, allowing skin to breathe comfortably. Cloth diapers come in a variety of styles and materials to make your baby’s bum feel soft and clean. Another alternative is flushable diapers, which use biodegradable and often recycled materials to make a diaper that can be flushed down the toilet after use. These make clean up easy and reduce the amount of heavy-duty washing needed for cloth diapers. Green parenting expert Dr. Alan Greene recommends a “hybrid diaper,” or combination of the two: cloth diapers with flushable liners that require less washing and produce less waste.


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