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Switch to Drip Irrigation

Save tons of water easily by switching to a drip irrigation system for your garden or lawn.

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Stop wasting your water and energy by watering your plants with a hose, sprinkler or watering can. Most of that water is lost to the air, wind, or rough terrain and never even makes it to the plants! Start using drip irrigation for your garden, lawn, orchard or other planting needs on any kind of land – and improve your water efficiency by two-thirds.

Drip irrigation is the slow application of water directly to plants’ roots by simple and cheap methods, and has been proven to be the most efficient way to water – plus it is actually better for the plants themselves. Drip irrigation eliminates the excess water that accumulates on and between plants, where weeds, insects and molds thrive, so you can get better results with less effort. Drip irrigation can even exempt you from water restriction laws during droughts – your yard will stay green and beautiful all the time. With clean water becoming rare around the world, drip irrigation is something you can do for yourself and the planet.


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  • Search the web or go to your local gardening supply store to find out how to get started with drip irrigation. It’s easy to buy a system or set one up for free!


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