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Purchase Sustainable Apparel

Use your consumer power to support the eco-friendly fashion industry.

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The most fashion-forward designers in the world are going green.  But purchasing sustainable clothing is about more than just looking good, it’s about supporting an industry that puts the environment first. Many clothing companies are environmentally UN-friendly. Did you know that growing cotton uses 22.5% of all insecticides used globally? Buying organic cotton without the chemicals is one of the easiest switches to sustainable apparel that you can make, but what about other eco-friendly fabrics?

Environmentally friendly fabrics can be considered sustainable for a variety of reasons. First, the fabric needs to be renewable, meaning the resource can be replenished in a short amount of time. Secondly, the fabric should have a small ecological footprint. This footprint takes into account the amount of land needed to grow the crop and the amount of resources such as water it takes to create the final product. Lastly, eco-friendly fabrics should avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides.

Although there have been no long-term health studies on the effects of conventional fabrics, it is widely accepted that chemicals in clothing can seep into your skin and can potentially cause harm over time. Also, organic clothing is an alternative for people with allergies to the chemicals or pesticides used in most non-organic fabrics.

Here are a few materials to look for (click to learn more):

Organic Cotton

Bamboo fabric, hemp, soy silk, and others

Animal based fabrics

The next time you’re considering buying new clothes, look for brands that have publicly decided to be more environmentally responsible. You can learn about some example brands at’s Fair Trade Fashion Marketplace.


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