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Shop at Your Local Farmers' Market

Buy local, organic food from your farmers’ market and support healthy living, healthy communities, and a healthy planet.

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Have you read about the benefits of buying fresh, local, organic food but aren’t sure where to go? Make the local farmers’ market your new favorite place.

Dozens of local farmers, artisans and artists gather at farmers’ markets to sell their own products, so you can find out exactly where your food comes from and how its grown. Here, you can have an honest conversation about what you’re buying with a grower who’s interested in teling you about it. Local farmers live on or near their farms so they have a vested interest in keeping the surrounding land healthy, unlike big corporate farms, which often pollute the land and are not members of the community. Farmers’ market products also save resources because unlike food from a supermarket that may have travelled across the world to get to you, they are unpackaged and travel only short distances.

Most stands at a farmers’ market will be organic, whether or not you see the USDA seal. Small farmer’s can’t always afford organic certification, but most of them will follow (if not exceed) the guidelines, providing you with delicious, healthy food. Bring your own reusable containers and bags and start enjoying the local farmers market scene!


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  • Visit to find the farmers market nearest you and learn more about farmers markets


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