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Say No to Receipts

Reduce litter, clutter, and paper waste by turning down receipts

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Consider the lifespan of the average ATM receipt. Most end up crumpled up in the trash can or littered on the ground within seconds of printing out of the ATM. At a rate of 8 billion ATM transactions in the United States per year, those little slips add up to a big pile of waste. It's enough paper, in fact, to circle the equator 15 times.

That fact is shocking enough, but the problem is not just with ATMs. It's almost impossible to go through a normal day without being handed a pocketful of paper receipts. As a small, simple, everyday act of environmental consciousness, reject receipts whenever you can. Receipts are also one of the most common litter items. By turning them down whenever possible, you'll save yourself hassle and prevent waste.

Many companies are hopping on the no-receipt bandwagon, seeing an opportunity to save money and hassle. You can review your bank and credit card statements online. Certain hotels and companies like Apple are now offering customers the option of recieving an email receipt instead of a paper copy.

Press "no receipt" at ATMs and gas stations, and tell cashiers that you don't need a receipt (although at many stores they are printed automatically). As an added bonus, reduce the clutter in your life. Who wants to deal with annoying crumpled paper slips?


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