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Use a Push Lawn Mower

Small engines, big damage. Make your grass greener by using a non-gas mower.

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Cutting your grass with a gas lawn mower? Cut it out! The facts out there about lawn mowers' environmental impact are shocking. Who knew such tiny engines were such big polluters?

Personal Health: As it turns out, gas powered lawn mowers account for up to 10% of the total pollution from mobile sources in the United States, hurting our bodies, our immediate environment and our planet. Gas mowers produce a form of smog that is highly detrimental to our health, causing damage to lungs, increasing the threat of asthma attacks, and aggravating heart conditions.

Earth Health: And then there is the harm done to the earth. Each year, lawn mowers collectively use up to 800 million gallons of gasoline, equal to the greenhouse gas emissions of over 1.2 million passenger vehicles.

Your Options: There are several options available for lawn owners looking to cut back on environmental impact while cutting their grass, each with its own pros and cons. Electric mowers are available for as little as $200 and work well on small yards. The price is right, and you'll be saving loads of destructive emissions. If money is no object, consider a high-tech solution like Husqvarna's Robotic mowers-either electric or solar-hybrid, these emission free gizmos do the hard work for you. The most eco-friendly choice: the classic human-powered rotary mower. Get a workout and a great looking lawn using this completely emission free option. Not only is it healthy, but the peaceful silence of a rotary mower will create a nicer ambiance for your weekend that both your family and your neighbors will appreciate.


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