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Make Your Fireplace More Efficient

Retrofit your fireplace or consider alternatives to conserve heat and energy in your home

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The wood-burning fireplace is the centerpiece of family gatherings, friendly get-togethers and a staple icon in the American home. Unfortunately, the fireplace is one of the most inefficient heat sources found in a home. Fires also produce particulates, which are small particles that can have negative health impacts including asthma and cancer. Also, the hot air that a fire generates is quickly lost through your chimney, leaving little heat to show for the blazing logs in your fireplace.

Consider cleaner-burning alternatives to the traditional fireplace. Natural gas fireplaces use controllable gas burners to create a fire, producing efficient combustion and less dangerous particulates in the air. Gas, however, is still a non-renewable fossil fuel, making this option less than ideal. Pellet stoves use cylinders of compressed sawdust to fuel fire in an enclosed combustion chamber, producing less air pollution. If you are still set on having a wood-burning fireplace, look for EPA-certified wood stoves and clean burning inserts instead of traditional fodder.


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  • To learn more about wood log alternatives, try the Java Log , made from recycled, dried coffee beans, or the EcoSmart Fire


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