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Line Dry Your Clothes

Line dry clothes or purchase an efficient dryer instead of using regular clothes dryers.

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Home appliances use massive amounts of energy, which is harmful to both the environment and your wallet.  Next to the refrigerator, the clothes dryer is the most energy-guzzling appliance in the home. The electricity used by dryers not only creates greenhouse gas emissions, but it can also raise your energy bill by hundreds of dollars a year.  A great way to decrease the energy your household consumes when drying clothes is to go back to using the trusted old-fashioned clothesline.

Clotheslines are completely harmless to the environment and free to use.  All you need is a rope or cord and some clothespins, and depending on your climate you can have dry clothes within a few hours or overnight.  Sunny days are best, but cloudy and breezy days work well too.  In cold or rainy weather, consider line or rack drying inside (if you have sufficient space) or look into an efficient dryer.


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  • Look up different kinds of electric dryers to find the most efficient one you can use in your home.


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