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Install a Solar Attic Vent Fan

Decrease your dependence on AC by installing a solar fan in your attic

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We all know that using more fans and less AC is great for the environment, but going solar is one more step in the right direction. By installing a solar attic vent fan you not only help cut down on your electricity use, but you can also dramatically lower the temperature in your entire home, creating a cool, green environment for you and your family during the hot summer months.

The shingled roof above your home absorbs sunlight during the day and can transfer heat into the attic, potentially reaching a scalding 150° F. This intense heat is trapped in your attic and slowly passes through the insulation into the rest of your home, causing your AC to work overtime to keep the overall temperature cool. An attic can stay hot long after the sun goes down, meaning the heat transfer into your home never really ends. An attic vent van allows the stored heat to leave the home through the roof instead of through your air conditioner. Solar attic fans are an environmentally friendly way to save money on your energy bills and create a cool and comfortable atmosphere inside your home.

Solar fans for your attic can be a little pricey, typically around $400, but the payback can be worth it. Energy audits determine that an attic fan can save you roughly $25 per month in air conditioning costs over a four-month summer period. Because solar fans only require an upfront payment, you will be saving $100 per year which equates to a payback period of only four years.


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