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Install Efficient Windows

Save your furniture, carpet, money and the environment by installing more efficient windows.

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You may not realize that low quality or poorly installed windows in your home are costing you a fortune in heating and cooling, and letting sunlight ruin your furniture and carpeting. Spending a little bit more up front on higher quality windows and installation, or on replacing your currently inefficient windows, can save a lot in the long run.

Make sure to choose the windows that are best for your home. (What is the climate? Do you want more or less sunlight? More or less heat?) Clear, single-pane windows can let out as much as 84% of the heat in a room, according to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the leading experts in window rating. The three common ratings to consider when purchasing a window are U-factor , Solar Heat Gain Coefficient , and Visible Transmittance .

The more panes in a window, the less outside noise you will hear and the less heat will escape. Multiple-pane windows are even more efficient when they include a low-E coating. Material makes a difference too: heat passes through aluminum frames faster than through vinyl or wood.

If for some reason cannot replace your windows, here are three ways to improve insulation:
1.Caulk around all the stationary parts of your window and weather strip the moveable parts.
2.Install insulated drapes or shades for the winter.
3.Install solar screens or awnings in the summer.


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  • The "window selection" at can help you pick out the windows that are right for you, your purse, and the environment.


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