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Green Halloween Costumes

No more tricks: treat yourself by getting creative with Halloween costumes.

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In 2008, total Halloween consumer spending reached an estimated $5.77 billion in the US alone.  Spooked yet?  This includes spending on costumes, candy, and decorations.  Out of all these items, however, the costume is the most expensive.  You can make one of the most popular holidays of the year a little less scary by saving on your getup.  All it takes is a little creativity.  Here are a few ideas:

Organize a costume swap: Why should a Halloween costume be worn once and then thrown away?  See if you can setup a costume exchange in your neighborhood or school to keep trick-or-treat outfits from going to waste.  Older siblings, relatives, and friends could have great hand-me-down options.

Buy used: Instead of shopping at an expensive costume shop, head to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army for a chance to find great second-hand Halloween looks.  If they don’t have costumes for sale, browse the aisles anyway.  Who knows what you might find that could spark a creative costume inspiration?

Donate: Don’t throw away a costume when you are done with it.  Many kids may want to keep their costume so they can play dress up all year.  Otherwise, consider donating unwanted costumes to a local school or community theater’s costume department.  Halloween gear can have a valuable second life on stage.

Get crafty: Some of the very best costumes are homemade.  Not only are they inexpensive, you get a fun, creative project for an autumn weekend afternoon.  The internet is loaded with cool do-it-yourself costume ideas, though there are surely plenty of clever designs yet to be created.  Worst-case scenario: stick with the tried and true—an old bed sheet makes a great ghost.


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