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Fly Less Frequently

Use air travel less and save millions of tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

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Though airlines have become more energy efficient in the last thirty years as a result of greater regulation, flying is still very harmful to the environment. The amount of fuel airplanes use per passenger and per mile is almost as much as the amount of fuel used if every individual drove alone. Additionally, the number of passengers that use air travel in the U.S. today is three times the number it was in 1970, despite rising gas prices.

Flying less, especially for shorter trips where fuel use in airplanes is less efficient, would prevent millions of tons of carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions from being released into the atmosphere. Many initiatives are being taken to increase train travel routes across the country, and this is a great option when available. Carbon offsets, while expensive and somewhat controversial, are another way to reduce the impact of your air travel when it is necessary. Ultimately, however, there is no substitute for simply limiting activities like air travel.


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  • Vacation locally – find national parks, beaches and other attractions close to where you live.


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