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Fix Water Leaks

Save gallons of water and money on your energy bill each year by repairing the leaks in your home.

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While it may seem harmless, a leaky faucet or toilet can be the source of thousands of gallons of wasted water. According to the National Sanitation Foundation, the average leaky faucet can waste between one thousand and two thousand gallons of water each year. Put another way, one faucet leaking at the rate of thirty drops per minute uses up two gallons of water in one day. Even worse, a leaky toilet can waste five hundred gallons of water in just one day!

Fixing the leaks in your home is an obvious and simple way to cut back on your waste, and all the tools you need are probably sitting around the house. But this goes beyond common sense—recognizing and eliminating unnecessary sources of consumption is a big step towards going green. Plus, you can take a major chunk out of your water bill!


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  • Check out the Green Home Guide website to learn about replacing leaky home appliances.


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