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Feed Your Baby an Organic Diet

Protect your baby’s health and support sustainable agriculture by feeding your child organic food.

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Chemical-free, organically-grown produce is widely accepted as the healthiest choice for everyone, but it is especially important when it comes to infants and young children. Why? Before their brains, immune and detoxification systems have developed, little baby bodies are especially succeptable to chemical residues found in non-organic food.

Plus, because babies are so small, they eat (pound for pound) two to four times more fruits and vegetables than adults. This means that babies’ potential exposure to chemical pesticides and fertilizers is much higher than most adults’.

The USDA closely regulates certified-organic produce, ensuring that it is free of the dangerous additives of conventional food. Similarly, organic meat and dairy is guarenteed to be free of hormones and antibiotics used on standard livestock. Since the long term health risks associated with ingesting these chemicals is still uncertain, it’s better to play it safe with your kids.

Buying organic food helps to support small, sustainable farmers who keep harmful chemicals out of our diets and water supplies. Organic food is better for the environment because its farmers use sustainable practices that benefit the soil and limit pollution and waste. It may be more expensive, but think of it as an investment in the health and future of your child.


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