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Energy Saving Pool Care

Adapt your pool care habits to save loads on your energy bill.

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Pools can be huge energy wasters-contributing to global warming and boosting your energy costs. Fortunately, there are several ways to cut down on pool energy waste and still enjoy all the fun and refreshing benefits of pool ownership.

Pump Less: Many people run their pool pumps for much longer than is necessary. More use of the pump does not necessarily mean cleaner water. Try to reduce your pump time to a maximum of six hours per day. If you want to achieve even more dramatic savings, shoot for even less. Most people in a Department of Energy study in Florida were still satisfied with their water quality after using their pump for 3 hours per day. This saved them an average of 60% off their energy bill from pumping.

Efficient Heating Options: Heating can be one of the most costly elements of pool ownership-both financially and in wasted energy usage. Instead of a gas heater, consider investing in an energy efficient heater, such as a heat pump pool heater. The best choice is a solar pool heater, which is by far the most cost-efficient option due to its low operating costs. No matter what kind of heater you have, be sure to turn the temperature down or off when you won't be swimming for a few days. Keeping the temperature down, even just a couple degrees, will make a big difference. The Department of Energy estimates that each single degree rise in temperature will cost an additional 10%-30% more in heating costs, depending on your climate. Of course, you could always brave the colder temperatures and go without a heater at all...

Cover It: Buying a pool cover is one of the best ways to reduce pool energy usage. Heating costs can go down by as much as 70% when a cover is used. During the summer season in the Northeast, for example, this could mean savings of over $600 for the year. Learn more about the many benefits of pool covers from ecomii's Cover Your Swimming Pool tip.


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