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Relax Your Driving

Keeping your car well tuned, idling less, and driving more slowly are just a few ways you can save gas and improve your mileage.

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No matter what kind of car you have, whether a svelte hybrid or a husky gas-guzzler, you can improve your gas mileage, save money, and reduce your impact on global warming just by changing your driving habits. Be relaxed while you drive; speeding, accelerating or breaking excessively can reduce your gas mileage by as much as 33%, costing you an extra $1.31 per gallon. Obeying the speed limit is an excellent way of ensuring that you do not waste gas. According to the EPA, you can consider every 5 miles per hour over 60 mph you drive is equal to paying an extra 30 cents per gallon. Another bad habit to break is undue idling.

The best way to look at it: idling gets 0 miles per gallon, says the EPA. Judicious use of the air conditioner (try to only use it when you’re going above 45 mph, when it’s actually better than having the windows open), taking advantage of cruise control, and avoiding extra cargo weight are all other ways to save gas. Very important also is keeping your car in good working order. Keeping the engine properly tuned through regular inspections and repairs can improve your mileage by an average of 4%. Even something as slight as ensuring your tires are filled to the correct weight can increase you mpg rating by 3.3%.

Just shifting your driving routine in these simple ways can have a significant impact on the amount of gas you use, saving you money and cutting your carbon emissions.


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