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Join a Community Garden

Community gardens, also known as "urban agriculture" can provide you with food security, preserve green space, and enhance community interaction!

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There are a wide variety of community gardens that you can choose to join or even start for yourself. A "community garden" refers to a plot of land developed by a neighborhood, school or other public organization, such as a hospital. Anything from flowers to trees to organic produce can be planted depending on the particular garden's rules. Community gardens are also very popular in urban areas, known as "urban agriculture," where produce is grown for the local markets.

There are numerous benefits to be had from community gardens. They can enhance community interaction and development; encourage self-reliance and produce nutricious and organic food; reduce city heat from streets and parking lots, and preserve green space at the same time. Community gardens can be found and produced anywhere from vacant lots to rooftops. And don't forget-they provide a great way to get kids involved into community action to promote the healthier, greener lifestyle!


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For more information on green gardening and community gardens, please see: Green Gardening 101

For more information on community gardens and how to start one, please see the American Community Gardening Association.


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