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Use a Chlorine Alternative in Your Pool

Avoid chemicals and make sure your pool is healthy for both you and the environment.

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Consider using a chlorine alternative to keep your pool clean. Excessive exposure to chlorine has been linked to elevating the risk of lung damage, miscarriages and bladder cancer. Studies have shown that chlorine molecules also produce asthma symptoms. Clearly, chlorine and other toxic pool chemicals are no good for our bodies or the natural environment. There are other options.

Alternatives: A leading alternative to chlorine is ozone, which, besides being eco-friendly, has been proven to keep pools as clean as (if not cleaner than) chlorine sanitation systems. Though it requires a high initial investment, ozone sanitation systems tend to reduce overall costs for the lifetime of the pool, for chlorine is proven to be damaging to pool liners and filtration systems. Talk to your local pool care expert about ozone generators. Other chlorine alternatives include ultraviolet technology and TechnoPure's hybrid oxidation/ionization system.

Natural Pools: Another cool and beautiful-looking option is to install a so-called "natural" pool in your home. These swimming pool/pond combinations require no chemicals whatsoever and use a variety of plant life to keep water crystal-clear. Typically, the aquatic plants are separated from the swimming area and create an elegant biological filter. Learn more about natural pools, their many benefits, and attractive designs at


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