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Cancel Phone Book Delivery

Move on from the obsolete reference that wastes billions of pounds of paper.

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19 million trees are felled to produce over 500 million phone books printed in the United States each year. Not only is this a tremendous waste of resources, pitched phone books take up a huge amount of landfill space-268,000 cubic yards, or the equivalent load of 6,700 large dumpsters.. In addition, delivery of these massive publications consumes fossil fuels, and the books themselves clutter your home, are bulky, filled with advertisements, and rarely if ever used.

Modern technology conveniently provides all of the same information as the traditional yellow and white pages. In fact, numbers and addresses gleaned from the internet are more up-to-date as they are updated more often. So why are so many phone books still printed and delivered, unsolicited, in America each year?

The movement to end this waste is underway. While currently there is no national movement to opt-out of phone books (something akin to the National Do Not Call Registry), various groups have organized efforts to reduce phone book waste.

Visit to learn more about these efforts and to sign up to stop having phone books delivered to your address. Their philosophy: if we want a phone book, we'll ask for one, thank you very much. The people at Yellow Pages Goes Green will contact the phone book publishers in your area, free of charge, and ask them to remove you from the delivery list. It's a fast, easy, and eco-friendly way of keeping unwanted clutter from arriving on your doorstep.


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