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Buy Second-Hand Textbooks

Reduce one of a student’s biggest expenses with an eco-friendly approach.

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Ask any college student today: textbook prices are out of control. According to the U.S. Department of Education, college students can expect to spend between $700-$1000 on textbooks per year for a normal course load, no matter whether they attend a public or private university.

Buying used textbooks is the smart choice for any student. Used textbooks are usually sold at a discount of 25% or more off the price of a new copy, and 76% of college students polled by the National Association of College Stores agree that second-hand editions are just as valuable as new. As an added savings, most college bookstores feature book buybacks at the end of each semester—giving students cold, hard cash for their used books.

Used books are easy to find. They’re available online, at websites with big textbook sections like,, and many others, or at your local college bookstore. claims you can save up to 90% off the original cost of the book in their used textbook store.

The other major benefit: saving resources. Nearly 97 million tons of paper products were thrown away in 2007. To meet our paper fix, the world loses the equivalent of a forest the size of Greece or Nicaragua every year. Do your part to help reduce this number - close the loop on book recycling by purchasing used textbooks and keep books out of landfills.


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Get ready for class. Browse for bargains at’s textbook store.


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