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Buy Recycled

Close the recycling loop by purchasing products made of recycled materials to prevent the expansion of landfills.

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Just as important as recycling your waste is the act of “closing the loop” by buying products made of recycled content. Keeping recyclable materials out of the trash heap is only the first step in ensuring the value of recycling.
High demand for eco-friendly products encourages manufacturers to use more of these materials. Widespread belief that recycled products are more expensive or of poorer quality has consistently proven to be myth. A recent Buy Recycled Business Alliance survey reports that 97% of respondents are satisfied with the performance of recycled products. Try for yourself comparing products side-by-side to demonstrate the strength and quality of recycled products. Additional studies have shown that most of these products cost less than 5% more than comparable products made of virgin (non-recycled) content. Often the cost is the same or recycled materials even cost less.

Buying recycled products is easy. Just check the labels on the merchandise you buy. Important to look out for is “Postconsumer content,” which means the product is made at least in part of materials businesses or individuals would normally throw away as waste. To have a major impact, try to buy paper towels with at least 30% postconsumer content. Other great things to buy that are made from recyclables include aluminum cans, toilet tissue, trash bags, egg cartons, and glass containers. More and more of these products are available all the time, so support their manufacturers and keep the cycle going!


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