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Buy Natural and Organic Toys

Choose toys made from all-natural, organic materials to keep kids safe from the harmful chemicals in plastics.

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Because childrens’ body masses are so small, and their skin is so absorptive, they are at the highest risk of toxic poisoning. One of the most dangerous sources of these toxins is also the most seemingly harmless: their toys, which often contain banned and harmful substances that can seriously threaten their health. Soft plastic toys, or any plastic containing PVC, are the worst ones for children, since they leach the most harmful chemicals, such as lead and pthalates. However, it is best to avoid plastic toys of any kind considering their environmental impact from start (plastic is made from nonrenewable petroleum products) to finish (when they end up in landfills and oceans).

The safest playthings are made of solid wood (not pressed, which contains formaldehyde) or organic fibers. Look for organic cotton, hemp and wool, made without the pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are dangerous for kids to chew on and major water pollutants. If you want to finish a wooden toy, use a natural oil such as nut oil or beeswax. Mineral oil, linseed oil, and any plant-based oil with a strong smell are not recommended on the toys of children under age three.


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