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Go green with ecomii tips

Going Green? Take one tip and email us in the morning.

Where to start? Scared by strange terms like "energy vampires"? We understand. We were too. That's why we created ecomii Tips - the go-to place for "going green" at your own pace.

Our easy-to-digest tips provide a quick topic overview, clear "how-to" steps and some fun facts for motivation. We even help you choose the tips suited to you. Want the least invasive change? Or the greatest environmental benefit? No problem. Each tip is ranked by difficulty as well as its impact on the planet, your health and your financial savings.

So whether you want to cool down Mother Earth, clean your home without chemicals or cut costs, we'll tell you how to do it. Pick a tip and go green today!
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Choosing a tip that is easy to do:
  1. Power your home with green renewable energy
  2. Clean your home without dirty chemicals
  3. Buy products with less packaging
  4. BYOB: Bring your own shopping bag
  5. Use your own water bottle
  6. Wash your dirty clothes in a cleaner machine
  7. Switch to energy-saving CFL lightbulbs
  8. Think global, buy local produce
  9. Use more durable cleaning supplies
  10. Tighten up your home and use less heat
  11. Make your toilet more efficient
  12. Drive a Hybrid
  13. Use a Shared Car Service
  14. Drive a Small Car
  15. Relax Your Driving
  16. Fly Less Frequently
  17. Purchase Carbon Offsets when Flying
  18. Switch to Solar Water Heating
  19. Install Efficient Windows
  20. Use Dimmable Lights
  21. Insulate Your Water Pipes
  22. Switch to Drip Irrigation
  23. Avoid Chemical Pesticides
  24. Line Dry Your Clothes
  25. Fix Water Leaks
  26. Install a Tankless Water Heater
  27. Use Phosphate-Free Soaps
  28. Buy a Safe Baby Bottle
  29. Use Water-based Markers
  30. Try Alternatives to Disposable Diapers
  31. Buy Natural and Organic Toys
  32. Eat Seasonal (and Local)
  33. Eat Wild Fish
  34. Try a New Fast Food: Eat Raw
  35. Reduce Food Waste
  36. Eat Less Meat
  37. Eat Organic
  38. Eat More Soy
  39. Eat More Whole Foods
  40. Maximize Your Kitchen Efficiency
  41. Shop at Your Local Farmers' Market
  42. Choose Natural Carpets
  43. Eliminate Mold in Your Home
  44. Replace Your Appliances With Energy Star Models
  45. Grow a Native Plants Garden
  46. Keep Your Thermostat under Control
  47. Use Low-VOC or Zero-VOC Paints
  48. Make Your Fireplace More Efficient
  49. Install a Water Catcher or Rain Barrel
  50. Use a Low-flow Showerhead
  51. Use Fans Instead of Air Conditioning
  52. Green Computing
  53. Squeaky Green Dishwashing
  54. Purchase 2nd Hand Clothing
  55. Reduce: Buy Less, Use Less
  56. Avoid Bleached Products
  57. Buy Organic Pet Food
  58. Buy Recycled
  59. Catch Energy Vampires
  60. Check the Ingredients of Your Personal Products
  61. Choose Green Dry Cleaning
  62. Donate or Recycle Used Electronics
  63. Filter Your Tap Water
  64. Make Your Own Compost
  65. Plant a Tree
  66. Plant an Organic Garden
  67. Properly Recycle and Dispose of CFLs
  68. Recycle Old Cell Phones
  69. Recycle Paper Products
  70. Recycle Plastic Products
  71. Recycle, Donate, or Sell Used or Unwanted Items
  72. Reduce Technology Waste
  73. Use Deodorant instead of Antiperspirant
  74. Use Earth-friendly Dishwasher Detergents
  75. Use Non-Chlorine Bleach
  76. Use Bleach-Free Sanitary Protection
  77. Use Organic Linens
  78. Use Public Transportation
  79. Use Rechargeable Batteries
  80. Use Refillable Cosmetics
  81. Use Safe Laundry Detergents
  82. Better Laundering
  83. Ride the train
  84. Buy from Concentrate
  85. Veg Out in Your Garden
  86. Inhabit Less
  87. Reuse: Make the Most of What You Have
  88. Stay Informed: Knowledge is Power
  89. Get a Home Energy Audit
  90. Grow Green Manure
  91. Improve the Efficiency of Your Refrigerator
  92. Install a Green Roof
  93. Install a Solar Attic Vent Fan
  94. Join a Community Garden
  95. Manage Your Finances Online
  96. Plant an Urban Garden
  97. Take a Shorter Shower
  98. Cover Your Swimming Pool
  99. Energy Saving Pool Care
  100. Maintain a Leak-Free Pool
  101. Take an Eco-Friendly Vacation
  102. Use a Chlorine Alternative in Your Pool
  103. Use a Push Lawn Mower
  104. Better Lawn Mowing Practices
  105. Wash Laundry with Cold Water
  106. Pool Your Lawn Resources
  107. Ride a Bike
  108. Use Your Gas Mower Efficiently
  109. Carpool to Work
  110. Bring a Reusable Coffee Mug
  111. Feed Your Baby an Organic Diet
  112. Responsible Lawn Watering
  113. Buy Second-Hand Textbooks
  114. Buy Green School Supplies
  115. Celebrate Earth Day!
  116. Eliminate Dorm Room Energy Hogs
  117. Green Halloween Costumes
  118. Turn Fallen Leaves into Mulch
  119. Pack a Waste-Free Lunch
  120. Cancel Phone Book Delivery
  121. Purchase Sustainable Apparel
  122. Say No to Receipts


Help save and cool Mother Earth. The more leaves you see...the better the earth will be.


Earth health = your health. The more hearts that appear, the less you have to fear.


Reducing your footprint doesn't mean losing your shirt. Get green in more ways than one: $ (minimal savings, if any at all) to $$$$$ (big big savings).


If you're not ready to change your lifestyle yet, it's OK, go easy breezy. The more smiles you see, the easier it will be.

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