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Pregnancy & Delivery
Pregnancy & Delivery

When you’re expecting, there are a lot of decisions to make. How and where are you going to give birth? How should you decorate the baby’s room? Let us help you make healthy, green choices at every stage, from pregnancy to delivery. Learn about eating right for two, natural childbirth, preparing a non-toxic nursery, eco-friendly toys and more!



  • Eating Right
  • Learn how an organic diet during pregnancy benefits both you and your baby.
  • Caffeine & Drinks
  • Learn how hydration, caffeine and alcohol during pregnancy affect your baby.
  • Exercise & Body Care
  • Get tips on exercises to keep you fit for a happy, healthy pregnancy.
  • Recipe Finder
  • Make grocery shopping and meal planning a breeze with simple, healthy, delicious recipes.


  • Diapers Clothes & Care
  • Find organic clothes and baby products, as well as earth-friendly diapers.
  • Toys
  • Discover natural, sustainable toys to keep your baby both busy and healthy.
  • Nursery Planning
  • Find sustainable furniture, healthy bedding, safe flooring and VOC-free wall coverings for a green nursery.
  • Home Decorating
  • Find natural carpeting, sustainable flooring and VOC-free paints for eco-friendly decor.
  • Green Cleaning for Baby
  • Learn which products are safe, effective alternatives to common toxic household cleaners.
  • Parenting Blog
  • Raising a green family?  Find and share ideas for all stages of your child’s development.


  • Deciding How & Where
  • Explore choices to maximize safety and comfort when you deliver your baby.
  • Natural or Medicated
  • Medicated or natural childbirth?  Learn the pros and cons of all your options.
  • Planning Checklists
  • Looking for a pediatrician?  Learn the five questions to ask when choosing your baby’s doctor.
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