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Cling Wrap and Storage Containers
By Dr. Alan Greene

Butcher paper and wax paper provide safer alternatives to cling wrap. However, if you choose to use cling wrap, look into products using low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which is safer than polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Al­though it is less clingy than PVC, LDPE is not known to contain traces of potentially toxic additives. The following are some popular brands that are LDPE based:

  • Glad Cling Wrap.
  • Saran with Cling Plus (new version of Handi-Wrap).
  • Saran Premium Wrap (new version of Saran Wrap).
  • Diamant Food Wrap contains no plasticizer or chlorine, is noncarcinogenic, and is completely recyclable.

And here are some earth-friendly products I recommend for safer food storage:

  • Glass, porcelain, and stainless steel containers provide safer alternatives to plastic for food storage.
  • Greenfeet carries eco-friendly kitchen storage supplies, including glass  containers, PVC-free plastics, and even recycled aluminum foil.
  • Anchor Hocking Glassware makes glass containers and lids. Find them at and in department and discount stores.

  • Corningware, available at large home stores and at, has a large assortment of glass containers and lids.
  • You can also reuse glass food jars that you would otherwise throw out or recycle. Just wash them and remove the label.


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