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Health & Nutrition
Health & Nutrition

Is your kitchen green? And is it ready for a baby? Discover how to set-up an eco-friendly kitchen and stock it with the healthiest food, storage containers and bottles. Get the facts about formula versus breast milk. And, as you prepare for toddlerdom and beyond, learn why organic matters and where to go for fresh, natural ingredients, including your local farmer’s market.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

  • Feeding Baby Green
  • Formula or breast-milk?  Get the facts about healthy options for your baby.
  • Why Organic
  • Does organic matter?  Learn how food affects your baby’s health.
  • Keeping Hydrated
  • From soft water to filtration, explore healthy and tasty ways to stay hydrated.
  • Recipe Finder
  • Make grocery shopping and meal planning a breeze with simple, healthy, delicious recipes.
  • Parenting Blog
  • Raising a green family?  Find and share ideas for all stages of your child’s development.


  • Grocery Shopping
  • Which aisles have fresh, healthy organic food for your baby?  Explore the sustainable supermarket.
  • Farmer's Market Guide
  • Buy and prepare locally grown food with our guide to the farmer’s market.


  • Healthy Kitchen Set-Up
  • A green kitchen benefits your baby.  Get expert advice on putting one together.
  • Food & Kitchen Gear
  • Looking for safe plastics or Energy Star appliances?  Check out our green gear buying guide.
  • Kitchen Staples
  • Discover the benefits of organic kitchen basics such as oil, flour, coffee and wine.
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