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Why Green Parenting? The Ultimate Room-By-Room, Stage-By-Stage Primer
By Dr. Alan Greene
Pregnancy.  Delivery.  Infancy.  There’s an overwhelming number of choices at each stage.  That’s why ecomii has partnered with Dr. Alan Greene, MD, FAAP, the well-respected (and uncannily named) author of Raising Baby Green, to help you make the greenest decisions possible.  Doing so helps you keep your baby healthy, preserve the planet and even save money.  

Becoming a parent triggers your protective instincts in a powerful way.  You tend to develop a heightened awareness of the dangers threatening your baby – from toxic foods to home pollutants – as well as the issues important to his or her future.  As Dr. Greene puts it, “information and instinct combine as a catalyst for embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle.”  More often than not, what’s good for your baby is what’s good for the environment.

So let’s make good together.  From deciding how and where to deliver to making your home safe and non-toxic, we have in-depth takes on what you need to know.  Start greening your baby’s life today.




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