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Green Office Supplies
By Dr. Alan Greene
  • Recycled paper. Always look for recycled paper products that are made from PCW (post-consumer waste) paper. Sometimes recycled paper products are actually composed mainly of wood chips and mill scraps. You can find 100 percent recycled paper products that are processed without chlorine by going to . This company also reuses shipping cartons and packs them with recyclable paper or biodegradable peanuts, rather than foam peanuts and plastics.

  • Envelopes. Look for envelopes made of PCW paper and processed without chlorine. You can find a wide selection of environmentally friendly envelopes by visiting . They offer 100 percent PCW envelopes in plain and colored stock; these envelopes can be reused.
  • Remanufactured ink and toner cartridges. Look for remanufactured ink and toner cartridges that have been refilled. You can find recycled ink and toner cartridges from the major manufacturers. Such brands as Nukote and Jetfill also provide recycled cartridges that are compatible with the major-brand printers. You can find these products at

  • Desk calendars. Look for calendars printed on PCW paper. You can find a variety of calendars that are made from 100 percent PCW paper and printed with soy inks by going to

  • Organizers. You can find a large variety of different organizing supplies at This company’s letter and legal trays are made from PCW recycled plastics, and its file separators are made from PCW recycled steel. more



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