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What is a Green Nursery?
By Dr. Alan Greene

The nursery is the perfect room to begin turning any house into a green home. The occasion of bringing a new baby into the world is an opportunity to apply green principles to a universe of new products, from cribs to diapers and toys to baby sleepers—and it’s the ideal time to learn about new green versions of familiar home improvement ma­terials, such as paints and flooring. These recommendations for decorating, stock­ing, and maintaining a nursery are also practical and important to consider for other rooms of the house. In fact, if you plan to keep your newborn in the master bedroom with you—that room just became the nursery! Therefore, the information in this article about decorating green is applicable to any room in your home.

Why Babies Are So Vulnerable

In 1993, in a congressionally mandated study, the National Academy of Sciences listed the primary factors that contribute to children’s unique vulnerability to the harmful effects of chemicals:

Pound for pound, a developing child’s chemical exposures are greater than those of adults.

  • An immature, porous blood-brain barrier allows greater chemical exposures to the developing brain.
  • Children have lower levels of some chemical-binding proteins, allowing more of a chemical to reach “target organs.”
  • A baby’s organs and systems are rapidly developing and thus are often more vulnerable to damage from chemical exposure.
  • Systems that detoxify and excrete industrial chemicals are not fully developed.
  • The longer future life span of a child compared to an adult allows more time for adverse effects to arise.


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