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Green Floor Options
By Dr. Alan Greene

Wood Floors

  • EcoTimber’s wood flooring comes from FSC-certified forests. These are forests where trees are grown and harvested in a way that protects their longevity. Their wood is finished without harmful chemicals. EcoTimber sells many species of solid and engineered flooring, as well as some varieties of re­claimed and salvaged woods and bamboo flooring. Go to
  • Floor Shop allows you to comparison shop for unfinished hardwood flooring from several manufacturers. Go to

  • Natural Home Products sells solid oak, ash, merbau, and beech hardwood floors without toxic adhesives. The wood comes from forests that are managed for sustainability. Go to
  • Mountain Lumber specializes in reclaimed lumber, and for the past thirty years has rescued more than twenty million board feet of pine and other woods for reuse that otherwise would have gone to landfill or just quietly disintegrated. Go to

Bamboo Floors



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