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Greener Garden Hoses
By Dr. Alan Greene

Most garden hoses are made of PVC, and it turns out that high levels of lead additives in the PVC and in the brass fittings themselves leach easily into the water flowing through the hose—especially if the hose has been lying in the sun. That means that humans, pets, and plants are exposed to lead—which can cause irreversible brain damage in children—if they come in contact with water from the hose. In a lawsuit settled in 2004, the country’s largest garden hose manufacturer agreed to post a warning label reading, “Do not drink water from this hose. Wash hands after use.”

You can make a much greener choice by replacing those old hoses with hoses labeled “drinking water safe.” These are made of food-grade plastics and, in some cases, with nickel-coated fittings. Here are some good ones:

  • Aquamate Ultimate Water Coiled 25–FT Garden Hose, made of FDA-approved “drinking water safe” polyurethane. Find it at .com


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