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Earth Friendly Paints
By Dr. Alan Greene

Zero-VOC Paints

  • Eco Organic Paints has won several environmental awards. They offer a color matching service and next-day delivery. You can find out more at .
  • Safe Paint is Green Seal certified, and the company offers free custom color tinting and free shipping. You can find out more at .
  • The American Pride brand of zero-VOC paints is Green Seal certified and low odor. You can find a wide assortment and clearance prices at .

Low-VOC Paints
  • You can find low-VOC and zero-VOC paints and enamels that are geared toward the chemically sensitive and people with allergies at .
  • Sherwin-Williams adds a GreenSure designation to its environmental friendly products. Because this is a large dealer, you probably can find a store in your area, or go to .
  • AMF offers a wide range of low-VOC paints and other building and re­modeling supplies. One advantage of this company is that it lets you order samples of the paint to see how you like it and if you have any allergic reactions. Go to .


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