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Dr Greene's Tips: From Hospital Check-Lists to Vacuum Cleaners
By Dr. Alan Greene
Dr. Alan Greene, MD, FAAP, has some tips for you.  Here’s why you should listen.  

“In my job as a pediatrician at Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University School of Medicine over the last ten years, I’ve seen how clinical experience, science, research, and technology have increased the choices that doctors and parents can make,” says Dr. Greene.  “But there’s also an important new set of choices parents can make that can have a beneficial impact on the environment.”

With so many decisions, parenting can feel like a choose-your-own-adventure puzzle.  It helps to have an expert help you navigate.  We’re thrilled to present the seasoned tips of a true leader in the green baby movement.  As Past President of The Organic Center, founding partner of the Collaborative on Health and the Environment and an Advisory Board member of Healthy Child Healthy World, Dr. Greene has an impressively green resume – and a wonderfully down-to-earth perspective.  That could be because he has four children himself.

Discover what he has to say about everything from what you should eat while pregnant to gentle birth to toilet paper.  Dig in to his wealth of tips today.    



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