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Choosing Organic
By Dr. Alan Greene

Choosing to go organic is a wonderful way to safeguard the health of your baby. In 2002, the USDA’s National Organic Program created guidelines to help you find the purest foods possible.1

  • A product labeled “100% organic” must contain only organic ingredients. You are most likely to find this designation on single-ingredient foods, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, and cartons of milk.
  • The round green USDA seal indicates that at least 95 percent of the ingredients (by weight) are organic, and other ingredients, if any, are acceptable choices.
  • Food packaging that says “Made with organic ingredients” must contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients (by weight). These products will not wear the USDA Organic seal, but they may list up to three organic ingredients on the front of the package

  • If a product has fewer than 70 percent organic ingredients, it cannot be called organic, but the organic ingredients can be listed as such on the nutrition facts panel.
1.U.S. Department of Agriculture. “NOP Regulations (Standards) & Guidelines.” National Organic Program. /indexIE.htm. Mar. 2007 .


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