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ecomii Parenting Articles
Learn about the possibility and safety of having a vaginal birth after a C-Section.
Learn about how a midwife can help assist you during delivery and make yourself aware of the different midwife credentials
Learn about how a assistants for your baby and how to choose the right option for you
VOC Paints
Some facts and figures about VOCs in paint and other home products
Dr Greene Tips
Tips to green your home that are both good for your baby and for the environment.
Green Purchasing Options
Green products and purchasing options for parents that are both good for your baby and for the environment.
Birth Medication
Compare the effects medicated and non medicated childbirth options
Natural Childbirth Types
Learn about the different options for natural childbirth and choose the right type for your delivery
Cleaning Alternatives
Some sites that review green cleaners and alternative cleaning products for your home
Hospital vs.Home
Learn about the pros and cons of hospital and home births and how to choose the right delivery option for you
Hospital Birth
Learn about some reasons for giving birth in a hospital and questions to ask your hospital staff
Birthing Center
Learn about some reasons for giving birth in a birthing center and questions to ask your birthing center staff
Home Birth
Learn about some benefits of giving birth at home
Natural or Medicated
Learn about different delivery options for your baby and make an informed decision about which choice is right for you
Birth Plan
A checklist of questions and important choices to make regarding your baby's delivery
Learn the basics about bottles, breastfeeding, skin care and other considerations for your baby post-delivery
Choosing a Pediatrician
Learn how to choose the best pediatrician for your baby and how to find the green pediatrician for your
Green Baby Toys
Learn the basics about baby toys, which materials to look for and how to pick toys your baby will love
Selecting Clothes
Find out how to choose healthy clothes that your baby will be able to wear over and over again
Best Diapers for Planet
Learn about the environmental impact of diapers and how to make sustainable diaper choices for your baby
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