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Yoga is a relaxing exercise involving deep breathing, stretches, and meditation.
Learn how to reduce stress by visualizing images that make you feel relaxed and content.
Tai Chi and Qigong
Tai Chi and Qigong are aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine that use body movements and deep breathing for stress reduction and exercise.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique that reduces anxiety by tightening and relaxing muscles throughout the body.
Learn how prayer can be used for relaxation and stress reduction.
Music Therapy
Learn how music can be used for relaxation and stress reduction.
Learn how laughter and a good sense of humor can help prevent heart disease and reduce the effects of stress.
Learn how exercise can reduce stress, improve energy, and reduce anxiety and depression.
Deep Breathing
Learn how deep breathing can improve mental focus, relax the mind, and improve energy.
Exercise and Stress Reduction
Learn how stress can affect your health and how to better handle stress with stress-reduction techniques.
Headache Treatment
Learn how to treat headaches using the hydrotherapy.
Foot Hydrotherapy
Learn about foot hydrotherapy, a treatment that relieves respiratory congestion, headaches, and insomnia.
Constitutional Hydrotherapy
Learn about constitutional hydrotherapy, a treatment that optimizes circulation, detoxifies the blood, and stimulates the immune system.
History of Hydrotherapy
Learn about the history of hydrotherapy, an alternative form of medicine that uses water for healing and disease prevention.
Hydrotherapy is a type of bodywork that uses water to improve energy levels and resistance to disease.
Common Acupressure Points
Learn about the common acupressure points that can be massaged to improve concentration, treat headaches, and alleviate aches.
Basic Acupressure Techniques
Learn how to administer acupressure massages to yourself and others with these basic acupressure techniques.
Acupressure, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, involves massaging acupressure points to relieve aches, pains, and stress.
Acupuncture, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, can be used to treat backaches, angina, colds, glaucoma, and psoriasis
Learn about meridians, channels through which herbal remedies can reach affected organs and improve overall health.
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