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Cell Phone Disposal – New York City

Cell phone manufacturers and retailers make it easy for you to recycle your old cell phones, which can be harmful to the environment when disposed of improperly. All wireless service providers that sell cell phones in New York State must accept them back for recycling at no cost to the customer. Additionally, there are many local resources for donating or selling your cell phones to charitable organizations.

Local NYC Organizations that Accept Cell Phones for Recycling

  • 3R Living has an in-store recycling center that accepts cell phones and other electronics.

  • 911 Cell Phone Bank recycles cell phones and works with law enforcement to provide emergency 911 phones.

  • Cell Phones for Soldiers uses proceeds from recycling phones to provide prepaid phone cards to American troops overseas.

Manufacturer Take-Back Programs

The following cell phone service providers are all national and all accept old phones through their take back program. Click on their site and find the closest store to you.

National Retailer Take-Back Programs

If you didn't buy your cell phone directly from your provider, the following retailers will take your phone form you for free.

Online Resources for Selling or Trading Cell Phones

There are many online sites that offer a platform to either make money for your old phone or find someone to trade it to.

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