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Recycling Guidelines for Paper and Cardboard

Most US cities have established a municipal recycling pick-up or drop-off for paper recycling. The following is a list of paper products typically accepted for recycling, but consult your city's local recycling guidelines.

What Can You Recycle?




White, Colored, and Glossy Paper

Hardcover Books

Mail and Envelopes


Wrapping Paper - no ribbon or tape

Paper Towels

Smooth Cardboard


Cereal Boxes

Paper Soiled with Food or Liquid

Paper Bags

Paper with a lot of Tape or Glue

Cardboard Egg Cartons and Trays

Plastic-Coated or Wax-Coated Paper

Newspapers, Magazines, and Catalogs

Candy Wrappers

Phone Books

Photographic Paper

Softcover Books - paperbacks and comics

Carbon Paper

Corrugated Cardboard



Click here to learn more about the facts of paper recycling and what you can do to help reduce our countries waste generation.

City-Specific Guidelines for Recycling Paper and Cardboard

Chicago, New York City, Washington D.C.

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